To install surfboard fins, you will need  a set of fins (from one to five)  , a surfboard with fin boxes also called plugs, some screws and a fin key or an allen key (size 3/32).  It is a process that should only take you a few minutes!

How to place Surfboard Fins?

Prepare your surfboard :

Lay the surfboard on a flat surface with the fin slots facing up.

Then, unscrew the fins screws. You do not need to unscrew them totally, you just have to leave enough space for the fin to go in. Quickly clean the fin boxes if needed.

Identify which fin goes where:

  •  For thrusters (3 fins)  the center fin will have a 50/50  foil; it means that it will be more rounded than the others. The flat or thinner side of the side fins should face the interior of the surfboard, and the rounder side face must face the exterior.
  • For Quad fins ( 4 fins) the larger fins must go in front and the smaller trailer fins should be at the back near the tail of the surfboard. The four of them should face the outside of your surfboard with their rounded faces outward.
  • For Twin fins (2 fins) you should put one fin on each side of your surfboard with the flat face facing the interior of your board.
  • For 2+1 fins ( 1 big fin and 2 small ones) the bigger fin must go  in the center slot while the smaller one should be positioned on the sides.

Determine the fin orientation: 

Thruster surfboard fin orientation, tip should point to the back

The rake or curve of each fin should point in the direction of the board’s tail. It implies that each fin’s tip should face the back of your surfboard.

Insert the fins in the slots:

Insert the fins into the fin boxes, making sure that they are oriented correctly. It can sometimes be a bit difficult to put your fins on a new surfboard. Try putting the front end of your fin first before pushing the back in.

Screw and secure the fins:

Once the fins are in place, use your fin key or allen key  to screw the fin screws into the base of the fins, tightening them securely to hold the fins in place. Make sure not to overtighten the screws. They can easily strip if they are tightened too much. In the case your surfboard meets a rock it is also better to lose a fin than to break a fin box.

You are now ready to go surfing!

If you have any questions, let us know in a comment!

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