It’s a tricky question, the best time of day to surf cannot be answered precisely as the quality of waves depends on many local factors. However, if you had to make a blind guess, the best times to surf are typically either early in the morning at sunrise or in the late evening at sunset.

The reason

The best time to surf is dictated by three key factors in relation to your surf spot: tide, swell, and wind.

The Tide:

Different surf spots have different preferred tide heights, so the best time to surf there is largely determined by when the tide is at its best for that particular spot. For example, in some parts of the world, low tide at spots exposed to large tides may result in no waves, while a high tide could create waves by hitting a sandbar or reef.

The Swell:

The swell that the coast is facing affects the local beaches and surf breaks, and they may be exposed to a stable swell driven by the ocean for several days. However, sometimes the swell is only present for a few hours, so it’s best to surf when the energy is at its peak for your skill level.

The Wind:

The best wind conditions for surfing are either no wind or a light offshore wind, which means the wind is blowing gently from the coast towards the waves. In these two scenarios, the waves will be smooth and not choppy.

Therefore, to determine the best time to surf, you need to cross and collect information about these 3 factors in relation to your surf spot to determine when during the day you should go surfing.

Nevertheless, statistically, you have a higher likelihood of good surf conditions in the early morning or late afternoon. This is because as the day progresses, the sun heats the earth’s surface, causing hot and cold air to mix and produce turbulent thermal winds, which as we have noted is not ideal for surfing.

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