Is a brand based in Brittany France, developing equipment, gears, and accessories such as leashes, traction pads, and fins for surfers around the globe.

Who we are ?

We are a small, independent group of surfers based in Brittany, France. We have big dreams and aim to change the industry by making the best surf accessories at the best price.

Why we do it ?

For the past decades, surfers always had to choose between poor-quality products or overly expensive equipment. For this reason in 2020 we started to design and test our own surfing gear in France and abroad. In the beginning, it was only for us. But our equipment quickly sparked the interest of surfers around us. Hence we decided to offer to others our knowledge and products to fill what we judge to be an unjustified gap.

How we do it ?

We focus on two things :


Our sport makes us environmentalists by nature. It’s logical for us to find ways to preserve our oceans and the people that live near them. It’s not perfect but we try our best to do our part. We do it by designing durable and long-lasting products. Products often made with eco-friendly materials but always manufactured by carefully selected partners. We also think about the end life of our packaging by sending your equipment in Biodegradable mailers and recycled packaging.


We focus on what matters to provide an accessible and performant collection of products. We track and eliminate superfluous costs that do not bring any value across all our supply chain. For instance, we do not fund pro-surfers only to use their name, we do not produce fancy packaging that would be thrown in the garbage, we do not outsource anything that could be made in-house. We just want our equipment to speak for us and allow you to pay for what you bought, a product of quality.