Surfboards are our trusty companions, but they are not invincible. Whether it’s a crease from an unexpected wipeout, a buckle during a sick session with a not-so-sick duck dive, or a complete snap in two, they are unfortunately bound to face some damage at some point. In this guide, we’ll explore the options you have when your beloved board takes a beating and help you decide whether it’s worth fixing or if it’s time to say goodbye.

Is the board Brand New?

First things first, consider the age of your board. If you’ve just purchased it, it should be in reasonably good shape. Unless you’ve subjected it to massive waves or some unusual mishap, most issues should be covered by the manufacturer or shaper. Reach out to them to discuss potential repairs or replacements.

 If not, consider the Brand and Construction for your next purchase.

Some brands are known for using lightweight materials that may be more prone to buckling. As there is a trade-off between lightness and durability. Due to the fact that light surfboard sells more than heavier board on the same surf shop rack, manufacturers tend to push them a lot. If you’re worried about your board’s fragility, consider requesting stronger layers of fiberglass or sturdier construction when ordering your next one.

Assess the Damage

Anyway, in the unfortunate but more likely event that your board is not covered by the manufacturer, you will have to assess the damages yourself.

The extent of the damage plays a significant role in determining whether your surfboard should be repaired. If the stringer (the wooden core in the middle of the board) is sliced or if there’s a full buckle from rail to rail, the repairs can be challenging, costly, and may not fully restore the board’s original performance.

Full Buckles: A Tough Decision

Full buckles across the board are generally not worth professional repair unless you have the skills and will to do it or know someone who can do it inexpensively. Some surfers even carry snapped boards to surf destinations in countries with lower living costs, where repairs can be done at a fraction of the price in their own countries. In the West expect to pay between 80 to 120 euros for it. It’s not an exact science but some people have repaired fully snaped surfboards that are still going on for years. These boards can also become “beater” boards, perfect for tackling low-tide rocky points and dumpy shore-breaks without hesitation.

Minor Buckles

For minor buckles covering only a few centimeters, you have a few options. If it’s watertight it shouldn’t significantly affect the board’s performance, you can continue surfing it while keeping an eye on the damage. Mark the buckle’s edges with a marker pen and have it repaired when it worsens before it snaps. The second option is to preemptively do a repair.

You can attempt to fix the board by yourself: DIY Repair

If you’re handy and your board is only creased and not yet completely snapped, you can attempt a quick and dirty fix by reinforcing it with fiberglass and resin over the buckle. It’s not pretty but I CAN stop the sickness.

If you do not feel this trick or if the dommages spread, it’s time to do a clean repair:

  • Sand down the area around the buckle
  • Remove cracked fiberglass and any damaged foam
  • Make a filler using epoxy or fiberglass (depending on the board construction) resin and Qcell
  • Sand down the filler
  • Cut two pieces of 4oz fiberglass cloth, one slightly larger than the buckle and another to match the sanded margins
  • Laminate with epoxy or fiberglass resin, squeegeeing out excess resin
  • Let it dry and sand down the edges of the cloth
  • Apply a hotcoat
  • Sand it again

if you judge it not worth it to be repaired

If the board is beyond repairs, apart from telling your friends it was snapped during a triple overhead session at Pipeline, you can salvage it. If it was a longboard or a larger board depending on where the damage is, you can repurpose it into a small fish or mini-Simmons. Alternatively, turn it into an exciting art project or decoration piece to commemorate your surfing adventures!

Did we miss something? How did you broke your board?

Do not hesitate to tell us a in a comment down there.

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