Surfing is a widely-loved sport that boasts a vibrant culture, encompassing many components and gear. This has given rise to numerous myths and misunderstandings. The following are some widely held surfing myths, debunked with the truth.

The Myths

Common Surfing things you can hear or see that we judge to be wrong

1. Washing your surfboard after every session is necessary – This is not true. Washing the board will not make it last longer or keep it from yellowing, but it may help keep the wax sticky for longer and improve the durability of leash swivels.

2. All surfers are laid back and relaxed – Not all surfers are the same. Surfing is a competitive and individualist sport by nature, and surfers are like any other people, with their own strengths and flaws. Localism is for instance something prevalent in some surfing communities and even the most famous surfers are known for their flaws…

3. Other board sports experiences such as snowboarding or skateboarding will make it easy for you to learn surfing – This is not true. Surfing is a unique sport, requiring strength, balance, and a good understanding of the ocean, which cannot be learned from other board sports. Contrary to other board sports you will also be relying on your upper body for the most part and when you will finally standing up it will be on a liquid trying to escape an avalanche of water. So, no board sports, in general, do not transfer very well to surfing.

4. Peeing in your wetsuit damages it – A pleasure unknown to tropical surfers that would be harmful to your equipment. In fact, it does not deteriorate the material it’s made of. However, it could cause a bad odor if your wetsuit is not cleaned properly, as the urine could marinate there for an extended period.

5. The surfer on the wave should avoid others – Actually, the paddling surfer should make way for the person riding the wave. If the paddler cannot make it over the shoulder, they should go through the white water to clear the way.

6. Surfing lessons will make you learn to surf – Ok, this one is a bit controversial. Surfing is as we said a difficult sport, it cannot be learned in just a few hours of lessons. It is more like learning to ride a bike, where balance and skill must be acquired through experience and errors as they cannot be easily taught. Surfing lessons can, however, provide a sort of moral support and some general guidance.

7. The nose of the board should be at the front of the car when strapping it – This is not true. Putting the fin first adds another layer of security, as the fins prevent the board from slipping backward under the straps. Moreover, it tends to keep the board further back on the rack so there’s less overhang and drag in front of your vehicle.

8. Leashes should be wrapped around the board or fins – This is not true. Wrapping the leash this way will increase the chances of it coiling around your feet in the water.

9. Tides come in and out – This is also a myth. The tides are caused by the gravitational force of the sun and moon, causing the ocean to bulge on two sides of our planet, and the earth rotates into or out of a water bulge. So, in reality, we are moving in and out of water bulges.

Is there something you do not agree with? Would you have other myths and fact to add to this list?

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